Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Costumes

I don't know when I decided that Halloween costumes from the store weren't the way to go.  They are so much simpler.  I know there's the whole element of paying the equivalent of at least one good pair of jeans and a shirt for Bug for something he'll wear for a couple of hours one night.  But, what started out as trying to save money two years ago is more appealing this year because of the joy of creating the costume rather than just buying something ready made (like we did last year).  Basil is going to be a fairy.  At first it was something of a princess costume until I found the adorable purple wings on sale.  I love the possibility of putting pieces together that separately are something totally different.  But, you put some jeggings, a tutu, plain shirt, and wings together and there it is - a costume.

Bug's is proving to be a bit more tricky - overalls are harder to find in his size than I would have imagined.  So I sit here with all the pieces cut out of blue felt ready to create Mario overalls.  I'm a little nervous about the actual sewing with felt, but I did buy twice as much fabric as it appears I need, so at least I know I have backup.  And since it won't get any easier until I get the sewing machine out and go, it's time to dive in.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


It comes from unexpected places at times.  Participating in the discussion this morning at church a question brought to mind a stressor from earlier in the week.  The situation hasn't been resolved, just wasn't in the forefront of my mind today until that question.  Then I shared what I was thinking about with two people I'd just met which is a little odd for me.  I wasn't looking for an answer, just being part of the discussion.  And I didn't get an answer, but the wife shared that 2 Kings 4:1-7 has really helped them in a similar time in life.  It's a story I've heard many times before, but today it became more.