Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pressing Pause

"These are the moments that we'll miss." is a phrase that has been said a lot in our house recently. It started a couple weeks ago when our kids were being especially goofy at dinner one night.  It could have easily escalated into a battle to get them to stop and focus on eating so we could rush on to getting ready for bed to then hurry through those routines...and totally miss what matters.  Instead, we found ourselves laughing and feeling a little sentimental as we realized that one day not that far into the future, we'd be missing these crazy nights.  And dinner and bedtime that night become something special as we slowed down and enjoyed it.

Kids grow so fast and there are so many amazing things about each stage that are easy to miss when we get wrapped up is the busyness of our day to day lives.  I know that I can get lost in my to-do list with so many things that feel urgent, but are much less than important.  And in this season of our lives, it can become easy to focus on 'someday' instead of stopping to really appreciate the beautiful life that God has blessed me with right now.  But thinking that phrase in the moments when I am tempted to rush things along or harp on something being done really has helped me stop and appreciate the beauty and wonder that is my family and makes everything just a little sweeter as well.  Because this life is not about a bigger house, more income, more time, more's about valuing how He blesses us and honoring Him with our thankful hearts.  Having it all means a much better thing when I recognize that I already do.