Sunday, November 6, 2011


It amazes me how different the world is that my kids are growing up than the one I grew up in.  And I know that every generation says that, but it still boggles me when Hazel or Noah want to play games on my iPod and then navigate it with ease to get to what they want.  When I was their age, personal computers were just beginning to be a reality and we wouldn't have a big clunky one in our house for another five years.  And in a lot of ways, it's wonderful because we get to stay connected to grandparents and friends and family despite the distance.  And we can know what's going on with friends as often as they post updates on Facebook.

And while I'm thankful for these things, sometimes, I also look at the flip side of how BUSY everything is.  I've never been good at doing one thing at a time, but it's pretty comical when I go to sit on the couch with iPod, book, and TV remote.  This past week, I found myself playing on the iPod while watching a kids show with the kids.  Too much.  It was a big splash in the face -- I want things to be a little slower sometimes.  I was adamant that we would never been one of those families with stuff going on multiple nights in the week and so far, I've kept to that.  But things are still so busy inside our house.  So my goal this week is to slow things down.  Limit the multitasking and make sure that at least some of my time every day this week that's spent with my children is truly spent with them - no devices, no other projects at the same time.  I'm betting we'll all feel a little calmer.

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  1. What a great post, Cari! I'm totally feeling that right now - I'll have pandora going in the kitchen while I'm reading for class and Dora on in the living room ... *sigh* sometimes it's a blessing and sometimes I just want to run far away from it all!