Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Loving my Loves

10 Things I Love About My Sweet Ones

1. Bug is such an amazing thinker!  I love listening to him tell me about how he figured something out - it's fascinating.
2. Basil has such a darling heart for others.  When someone is sad, she always moves to comfort.  And her little hugs are magic.
3. Bug is strong willed.  Sometimes that's very challenging when what he's passionate about something that conflicts with that we as his parents are telling him needs to happen, but I know that strength can lead to him doing great things for God one day.
4. Basil is a snuggler.  She loves to curl up and read stories with me.
5. Bug is a reader like me.  We both love just hanging out on the couch enjoying our books.
6. Basil acts out the cutest stories with her stuffed animals.  She can build elaborate "picnics" complete with food, stories, and bedtime (not sure how those come together), it's so much fun to just sit back and watch.
7. Bug is constantly in motion.  Ok, not constantly, but some days it feels like it.  I admit that this frustrates me more often than not, but it's also really cool to me when I see so many kids who spend far too much time in front of TV or gaming devices.
8. Basil is also very strong willed.  I don't like it when it comes out as defiance, but like her brother, I know she's going to do great things with that passion some day. 
9. Bug has the cutest grin.  He's missing his two front teeth right now and it's even cuter.
10. Basil loves to sing.  She makes up songs and she sings along with the stereo in the car. 

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  1. These are so sweet! I wrote something for my boy, Little Dude, on my blog as well. (Leann from the 7 Days of Hope study)