Monday, October 29, 2012


Today I am thankful for a God who loves us so much that He's willing to just keep reminding me how much He loves me and that He will always provide.  Today I am also thankful that my kids got to see exactly what we mean when we tell them that God always provides.

The week started out a bit rough.  Dr. D's bike was stolen from our front yard.  Since it's his primary mode of transportation to school, it was felt in so many ways.  There was the feeling of vulnerability that comes with something being taken from our front yard and the frustration of someone making the choice to take something from someone else.  And quickly there was the reality that replacing the bike also meant replacing the many accessories that had been on the bike for keeping him safe on his daily commute.  As we started to add it up, the number could have quickly become overwhelming.  Instead, I chose to trust.  And very quickly, things fell in to place.

And when my son asked why we were taking Daddy to school on Wednesday morning, I reminded him what had happened to Daddy's bike and then told him that we trusted that God would provide.  Then I went to work and while I told a coworker the story of what had happened the evening before, she shared that her husband had a bike that he didn't ride anymore and they'd be happy to give to Dr. D.  A good tune up and he'll be riding to school again in no time.

We've been talking about touchstones in church recently -- holding on to and sharing those times in life that remind us again of God's faithfulness.  This week is definitely one of those for us.

I will consider all your works
and meditate on all your mighty deeds." 
Psalm 77:12 NIV

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