Thursday, January 26, 2012


I prayed hard for Bug's kindergarten teacher.  He's all boy -- rough and tumble, perpetual motion, and more.  And he's advanced academically.  As a teacher, I have seen this combination in various forms.  And while I enjoyed those students, I also knew the challenges of teaching them.  So I prayed for someone with understanding and wisdom.  And when I knew we'd be moving before his kindergarten year, I added prayers for a neighborhood with kids his age for him to play with.  I'd also hoped for a place centrally located for church, school, and work.  I was asking for a lot!  And while I know God can do it, I also recognize that the heart, I want my prayers to be about His will, not mine.

In the end, our house is a farther from work, school and church than we'd really like.  But, Bug is in a great school with a great teacher who values who he is and is working to challenge him where he's beyond his classmates and support him where he needs the extra.  And he has not one, but three buddies from his class that live within two blocks of the house.  Combine that with a preschool that's exactly what we wanted for Basil directly on the way from home to work (that we might have missed if we'd lived somewhere else).  It all came together so beautifully.  As I have been thinking of all these things in the last few days, I am reminded that I am so thankful for God's control instead of my own.

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