Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Resolution Revision 1

And in true New Year's Resolutions, they've already started to slip.  My three times a week of writing has already turned into once every couple of weeks and seeking direction daily is more like an every few days kind of things.  But when I reflect on the heart of the resolutions, it's still there.  So, I've decided not to stress so much on the timelines and stick to what mattered most in both of them - writing more often and being more intentional about seeking God's direction.  And so I make it a point to pray for Bug and for Basil and how to best raise them to who God wants to be anytime the thought crosses my mind.  And already, I've recognized some things in my son that I don't know how I missed before that have made interactions that would normally be...challenging, play out much calmer and with him being encouraged and me as well.

As for the the's harder than I remembered.  But, I've come to the conclusion that I'm thinking about it too much.  So, next step in that goal - just get back to words on the page.  That was the advice of my seventh grade English teacher and it still sticks (and I've now passed it on to many a student staring at a blank piece of paper).  Tomorrow.  Or maybe next week...

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