Sunday, January 1, 2012

Seeking the Map

New Years Day - that kick off of new goals.  My two biggest this year are to write at least three times a week (I really want daily, but if a goal isn't realistic, it's useless...) and to be seeking God's direction with the kids each day.  I've learned to lean in to Him a lot in the last couple of years and to cry out for help when I am at a loss.  As I've thought a lot about how I can best be an instrument in my children growing into God's plans for them, I've realized that I need to ask Him for guidance in that.  Who better to show me how to help them than the one who can see it all.  And it makes so much more sense to ask before I'm lost - rather than when I already feel off track.  My big challenge in that particular goal is going to be seeing progress.  It's important for me to see that what I'm doing is working in some small way.  I don't need dramatic changes, baby steps are fine, but I know that that even the baby steps in this goal won't be really tangible.  So, that's where the writing comes in.  I'm hoping that if I'm consistent about writing things down, I'll be able to see the baby steps and the progress.  Especially on the days where I feel lost again.  I've been praying a lot about this in the past week, though, and I know God is meeting me where I am so I'm excited to see where He'll take all of us.

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