Friday, November 16, 2012

Giving Thanks - Day 16

Today, I am thankful for the joy that only comes from being a child of God.  It's been a long week (despite having Monday off of work).  Dr. D has had midterms every week for the last few weeks and this week was no different.  Basil is sleeping even less well than usual.  Two old aches/injuries that flare up from time to time are both making an appearance this week.  And this whole day I felt just a little out of sync, a half step off of where I needed to be.  And there are times when that would have all piled up and I would have found myself snapping at the kids, getting frustrated over the smallest of things, feeling worse and worse.  But this morning when I could already tell it might be one of "those" days; I chose to focus on the joy that comes from Him.  And though I am still tired and sore and not feeling even close to my best, I am thankful for that joy.

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