Sunday, November 4, 2012

Giving Thanks - Day 4

As I mentioned on Friday, I am very thankful for my church family.  Moving is stressful in so many ways, but one of my biggest worries when we moved last year was finding a new church home that we'd love as much as the one we were in before.  Looking back, I realize I had no reason to worry because God has a plan and knows where He wants us to be.  We visited our church on a recommendation from our pastor at our previous church.  It's much smaller than we were used to but it immediately felt like just the right fit!  We were welcomed and quickly connected with others and in church ministries.  In what felt like no time, all of us had built relationships there and had connections outside the four walls of the church as well.  A couple weeks ago Basil needed boots for a field trip and I couldn't find any (apparently those go out of season early!).  I immediately thought of one of her friends from church, connected with them and had boots for Basil to wear on the field trip.  It's the little things.   It's a great group of people to worship with, grow with, be supported by, and celebrate with!

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